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Attorney: For this reason, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask for greatest punishment for Alex Krycek. Thank you. Iím done, your Honor.


Judge: Thank you Mr. Low.... Iíll hear your closing argument, Ms. Antony.


Imy Antony: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Look carefully at this man and tell me: is this the face of killer? If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, are these the eyes of a murderer? No, theyíre not. They are not because Alex Krycek is *not a murderer*. No. Alex Krycek is a victim of circumstance, a scapegoat. A pawn in the mortal power game. The prosecution wants him like promoter of cruel games, spy, double-crosser and what is more heinous. Actually, the prosecution has not furnished any tangible evidence that Alex Krycek is guilty of any of the counts of indictment.

They have accused him to have killed the tram operator. But gentlemen, must be a joke. Have they ever found the body? No.

Were there trails of blood or fight on the scene? No. And then how can they accuse my client of  being a killer? 

They have accused him of killing Duane Barry. They say that he poisoned him. But a toxicological examination has never been made to prove it. No, itís only the conclusion of Agent Mulderís report. The same agent who had badgered Mr. Barry during the interrogation, so much so, that the medical personnel on the scene have given statements that Duane Barry died of suffocation. Isnít this evidence that my client is the being  used as the scapegoat for the crimes of others?

They have accused him of killing William Mulder. But, the Agent Fox Mulder himself has admitted that he didnít see anyone inside the house. That he didnít look out of the window. No, ladies and gentlemen. Agent Fox Mulder has stated, and I read the words of his testimony: ".. when I entered the bathroom, my father was on the floor shot. A few minutes lat, he died. The window was open, and I had heard a car driving away." *He heard a car driving away*. This is what, Agent Mulder says about the murderer. In spite of  this lack of evidence, he has  >

always accused my client of this crime. And what evidence does prosecution have? A nine-gauge shotgun. A common nine-millimeter handgun that only the testimony of Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully attribute to my client. The only fingerprints on the gun were those of Agent Mulder. Isnít this an attempt of *cruel and unusual* punishment against my client? Everybody knew that Agent was behaving strangely during that time. He was irrational, paranoid, and emotionally unstable. Earlier that day, Agent Mulder physically attacked his supervisor, Assistant Director Skinner. Agent Mulder, though he knew the legal process, left the scene of the crime. In fact, it wasnít him who notified the police of his fatherís death.

And there were no other fingerprints inside the house besides his and his fatherís. Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Krycek fingerprints were nowhere in the house. So how can we accuse him of this crime?

They accused him to selling military secrets. What secrets? The Government has denied the existence of such secrets. My client came into possession of a file about the existence of UFOís. If, by the admission of your own government, such file of not exist, what did my client steal? Fresh air? Who accused him of the theft? The Assistant Director Walter Skinner. So, it wasnít the government who had the file, but the Assistant Director. How did he get it? He claims to have stolen it from Agent Mulder. So, who stole the file? Agent Mulder or my client? On another occasion, Agent Mulder persecuted and beat my client. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Krycek was savagely beaten and taken back by force to Washington. Thanks to agent Mulder, Alex Krycek was possessed by some force of unknown origin, and cruelly locked into a  subterranean silo. He was saved from death by the timely arrival of the revolutionary group. And yet, he is still being accused? If he is guilty, what are the others?

They have accused him of conspiring with the Russians, and spying for them, and that this alliance has put Agent Mulder in danger. Yes, this may be true. But, it was Agent Mulder who dragged Alex Krycek to Tunguska. And in Tunguska, it wasnít Agent Mulder who was mutilated. No, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. It was my client, that same Alex Krycek who sits today at dock, Alex Krycek the accused, who was savagely mutilated.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, in closing, I ask you to seriously analyze the evidences brought into the courtroom. I ask you to remember that you can condemn a man only in absence of a reasonable doubt. I think, ladies and gentlemen, that the questions I raised show clearly that there is more than one reasonable doubt. For this reason I ask you a for a not guilty on all counts for Alex Krycek.

Thank you!


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The / Files - the mitology