Note: there are only the dialogues translated by Marina Nunzi



Monica: “Rachele! Rachele! Hey, Rachele!”

Rachele: “At last! You’re late.”

Monica: “It’s Fede’s fault, she forgot her diary.”

Fede : “I couldn’t let it there…”

Rachele: “No matter. The guys are late, too. Look here: a wonderful voodoo doll... How about it?”

Monica: “I don’t believe in voodoo.”

Federika: “I do! Some far relative of my grandmother’s died of a makumba.”

Rachele: “If I only knew it worked, I’d buy it.”

Monica: “Aren’t you serious?”

Rachele: “Of course I am! I just have  a couple of people to use it on.”

Federika: “Me too..”

Rachele: “But.. 80 euros! That’s another reason why I’m not buying it.”

Monica: “I can’t believe to my own ears!…  Ah! There they are!”

Rossano: “Got problems with the car.”

Monica: “All excuses, Rossano, as usual.”

Carlo: “No, it’s true, Monica, the car just stopped dead.”

Gianni: “I think it’s the battery…”

Federika: “See? We don’t need a voodoo doll to have troubles.”

Monica: “Well, we’ll be in trouble if we don’t hurry and buy the stuff for Halloween. It’s only a week away…”

Rossano: “Don’t worry! We already know what to get.”



Monica: “Can I have some, too?”

Rossano: “Okay.”

Monica: “What’s up? I’m taking you to a first aid ward!”



Monica: “Anyway, it all went well… If Rossano had drunk it in one go, he couldn’t have got by.”

Federika: “It’s very strange..”

Monica: “What?”

Federika. “I mean…this accident is strange. Perhaps Rachele did buy the doll..”

Monica: “Nonsenses! There are a lot of  polluted bottles around, of late.. They always talk about it in the tv news. Besides… how can you say that?”

Federica: “Yesterday, late in the afternoon, Rachele has gone out and did not want to tell me where she was going.”

Monica: “Well, it was her own business.. besides, she has nothing against Rossano… or so I think.”

Federika: “Who knows! But when she came back, she got a suspicious-looking package…”

Monica: “Watch out!!!”



Rachele: “Fede! I’m going down the garage to check the switch.”

Federika: “All right!”



Gianni: “Couldn’t Rachele call one of us yesterday?”

Carlo: “For a little thing like that?”

Gianni: “You call it a little thing, but it left us all in the dark. Women just can’t get along with gears, computers and electronics.”

Carlo: “I don’t know.. I think it could have happened to anyone.”

Gianni: “Maybe, but I wouldn’t have fainted for a little jolt.”

Carlo: “Anyway, all went well. Now let me study. Go!”

Gianni: “You’re studying here, then?”

Carlo: “Yes- yes, you can have the bedroom. See you later.”

Carlo: “Gianni, want some coffee?

Gianni: “Yes, thanks!”

Gianni: “Don’t you smell a… Carlo... Carlo... Carlo...Carlo... wake up, Carlo... Carlo?”



Monica: “You know how rational I am, Rossano... and yet, all these accidents!”

Rossano: “There’s no voodoo doll, Monica. These are only coincidences!”

Monica: “Coincidences? Three accidents in three days?”

Rossano: “I’ll admit it is strange... but not improbable... But, if we could estimate the odds...”

Monica: “Oh, don’t get started... just quit. I’ll go take my relaxing bath.”

Rossano: “Monica, are you alright?... MONICA!”



Carlo: “I must admit that the whole thing is strange.. who do you think bought the doll?”

Rossano: “I don’t know, Carlo. Which of us all never had an accident?

Carlo: “I don’t understand.”

Rossano: “Gianni.”

Carlo: “Yes! You’re right...”

Rossano: “...he’s the only one!”

Carlo: “Come on, Gianni is not that smart...”

Rossano: “Yes, I thought it, too... Then, who could be?”

Carlo: “What if one of the girls staged her own accident?”

Rossano: “That’s right!... Maybe... Rachele? Nobody was with Rachele when she had her accident!”

Carlo: “You think it was her?”

Rossano: “Of course she was... Monica told me she was interested in the doll, and the evening I had my accident she came back home with a suspicious-looking package...”

Carlo: “Naah!”

Gianni: “Well?... What are you doing?”

Rossano: “Just talking about my car.”

Carlo: “Yes! Right!”

Gianni: “Why?... something’s wrong?”

Rossano: “It seems the engine won’t start... We could even miss the party tomorrow evening, I’m afraid.”

Gianni: “Is that all? I can fix it!”

Carlo/Rossano: “You!?!”

Gianni: “Yes, me. What’s so strange about it?”

Carlo: “Can you fix cars?”

Gianni: “Of course! My cousin is a mechanic.”

Carlo: “So what?...”

Gianni: “So.. I can fix it.”

Rossano: “I don’t think it works this way...”

Gianni: “Trust me!”



Rossano: “Say.. wasn’t your cousin a mechanic?”

Gianni: “It’s dark.. don’t you have a torchlight?”

Rossano: “Yes, back in the trunk. I’ll take it.”

Gianni: “What about this torchlight? Is it coming or not?”

Rossano: “Can’t find it, but I’m sure it is here..”

Gianni: "Ohh!!"

Rossano: “Wait.. it doen’s get open.”



Monica: “Hey guys, is the car fixed or not? Will we go to the party, later?”

Rossano: “Yes! The jump-lead was off.”

All: “EH!?!”

Rossano: “Yes! The jump-lead was off.”

Gianni. “You know why I love to be your friend? You’re more worried for the car than for me.”

Rachele: “You poor thing!”

Gianni: “Yes, go on, tease me! Everybody knows it’s been you, Rachele.”

Rachele: “It’s been me to do what?”

Monica: “Another slice, Carlo?”

Rachele: “You think I’ve bought the doll?”

Carlo: “You said it! Nobody mentioned it.”

Rachele: “Oh, that’s great...You’re accusing me of hurting my friends!?!”

Monica: “Sit down, Rachele. Carlo was not being serious. Isn’t it true?”

Carlo: “No, of course not... You had an accident, too... right?”

Rossano: “That’s what she claims...”

Rachele: “So you’re insinuating I lied?”

Monica: “Come on, people, let’s not spoil the evening...”

Rachele: “No, no... this matter must be explained.”

Gianni: “Fede said you bought the doll.”

Rachele: “You!?! How could you say such thing?”

Federika: “But I didn’t say you bought it. I only said you brought home a suspicious-looking package.”

Rachele: “So you’re spying on me?”

Monica: “Nobody’s spying on you, Rachele... But you yourself said you knew a couple of people you would use the doll on.”

Rachele: “What kind of friends you are, thinking I could’ve done such a thing to you?”

Rossano: “Alright, excuse us!  Perhaps we got a bit carried away by this foolishness.”

Federika: “Foolishness! No foolishness: voodoo is real.”

Carlo: “No, Rossano is right. Voodoo has nothing to do with it.”

Gianni: “Of corse it has! Each one of us could have used the doll for vengeance.”

Carlo: “Oh, really? What’s your reason for vengeance, then?”

Gianni: “I didn’t say I had a reason for vengeance.”

Rossano: “And we do?”

Gianni: “Yes! I’m luckier than you with girls...”

Rossano: “Does it seem a good reason to you? Then Carlo should envy me because I’ve got better marks!?!”

Carlo: “Don’t get me involved, okay? Besides, I am not jealous.”

Federika: “Yes, you are. You’re jealous.”

Rachele “If we want to mention envy.. Monica is the queen.”

Monica: “What? Who should I envy, you?”

Rachele: “Of course! I always had more boyfriends, and you never forgave me for that Marco affair.”

Monica: “Oh, please! Marco courted you  because I asked him to!”



Moldero: “Good morning, Doctor Scala!”

Scala: “Good morning, inspector.”

Moldero: “Is there anything you can tell me so far?”

Scala: “Certainly.”

Scala: “They died of a heart attack due to overwhelming panic.”

Moldero: “Aren’t you telling me they died of- fright?”

Scala: “Exactly! It is unusual, but not improbable...”

Scala: “Too much alcohol, inebriation, and in this case the peculiarity of last evening could have raised the adrenaline count.. The heartquake, and the black-out that followed was the last straw, and they literally panicked.”

Moldero: “So the heart could not cope...”

Scala: “Right!” 

Moldero: “Can this happen in six cases at the same time?”

Scala: “Yes, this can seem a bit far-fetched... but they could have influenced each other, or.. there could have been instances we don’t know of that altered their perception of reality.”

Moldero: “Of course! Sometimes suggestion can be more lethal than anything else..”

Poliziotto: “Inspector Moldero, we have finished here, shall we take the bodies away?”

Moldero: “Yes. Take them away.”



Salesgirl: “Excuse me, what about the voodoo doll in the display?”

Bookshop owner: “The doll.. ah, yes! I showed it to a customer then I forgot to put it back in place.”

Salesgirl: “Thanks!”

Bookshop owner: “You’re welcome.”